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I've got me some Let's Plays

2012-08-06 20:32:20 by Bagman07

Do you like games? Do you like listening to sultry Australian tones commentate on games? Well now, you may be interested in these Let's Plays I've been doing. Scratch that, you ARE interested so head on over to re=g-upl to watch the latest


2009-10-16 09:04:35 by Bagman07

Hey newgrounders
I just posted my wierd animation and didnt check it. now i realise that my audio has become shockingly lagged. its fine on my computor but on newgrounds? its terrible can. anyone help me with this

Hello, there Newgrounds!

2009-09-24 21:01:23 by Bagman07

Hello Newgrounds!
I have decided to stop being a lurker and have actually decided to submit something ( besides a couple of crap art things that aren't even scouted lol).
Do you like Ninjas? Russians? Blood?
If the answer was yes to any of these then you'll love whats in store.
Yes! The Adventures of Sampson should be hopefully out by the end of next month.